You’re in luck! We offer special puppy and kitten packages that can get your new fur baby set up on the best preventative care plan all while saving you a few bucks! Give us a call to learn more about these special packages.
If you bring the pet in, we can use a microchip scanner to see if the pet is microchipped. If the pet has a microchip and if it is registered, then you will be able to contact the microchip company to help reunite the pet with their owner. If the pet is not microchipped, then there are some decisions that could be made about how to home the pet.
Even the most well trained and obedient of dogs and cats may decide to help themselves to an adventure beyond the home. In the event that your pet gets out on their own, a microchip can help to increase the chances of your pet returning home. Microchips can have invaluable information connected to them such as your name, phone number, and address; this can help expedite their return home.

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